Rules and General Information:

You are NOT allowed to access this place unless you are over 18 years of age. Lying about your age is grounds for immediate termination of your account and a permanent ban. WE DO NOT WANT MINORS HERE.

This is an African-themed adult-friendly muck based loosely on the The Lion King universe. All species must be native to this continent, and only non-morphic/non-anthro characters are allowed. Character names should preferably be African-sounding.

There is a teleport exit called 'waterhole' that can be called from anywhere, which will teleport you to the central meeting place of the muck.

Players are encouraged to make use of the lands and rooms we have provided. Please do not build your own lands unless you absolutely have to (Wizards will give out Builder bits on an individual basis).
We want to minimize the number of useless, unlinked rooms that people create and we want to encourage community and mingling in public on our muck. Therefore we have made many 'dead-end' rooms that can be locked for privacy, particularly around the Pridelands. There are also rooms available where you can set your home; either public ones if you don't care where your character sleeps, or private ones if you want your own place with your own desc.
This way you do not have to make your own, unlinked room. We do not like unlinked rooms.

Some public rooms have special rules about acceptable behavior there, which is noted in the rooms themselves. Please obey the rules.

We allow 3 characters per user, because that really should be enough for everyone. Don't litter the muck with characters you never use, that just means we'll have to start purging unused stuff more often.

We like to be tolerant, open-minded, and adult-friendly here. However, the wizards have the right to kick off and ban anyone who makes life miserable for other players. Use common sense and good judgment, treat other people with respect. The muck should have room enough for everyone and we want this to be a fun place to hang out.

All players and parties involved with the muck, will agree to follow the online laws of their respective country at all times. Any and all activities that take place within the confines of the hosted service and muck complex will be the sole responsiblity of the individual users. By issuing an application for access to this service, all players (users) agree not to hold the wizards or staff of this service responsible for anything that happens on the service as a result of their interactions with others or through personal choices that are made. Take responsibility for yourself. If you agree to all of these terms and you've actually read them, Click here for registration.

-The Serengeti Heat Team

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